Agnès AvesMonthlyWednesdays10PM - 11PM

Off with Romania selector Agnès Aves, through darkwave, emo-synth and harsh electronics.

Agnès Aves returns to our station for the penultimate session of the season, meandering through her Mercure Rétrograde répertoire: industrial and post-industrial music, ambient and cosmic synth..

Agnès Aves is back on air for an episode of “Mercure Rétrograde”, taking us through a selection of underground electronics, dubby synth-wave and tribal-ish experimental music.

Agnès Aves returns to our station for a new episode of “Mercure Rétrograde”, delivering a new dose of tribal electronics, industrial chants of more telluric movements.

Agnes Avès returns to our stream with a new mix of dark ambient, tribal electronics, industrial dance and synth-wave gems, featuring old and contemporary productions.

Agnès Aves is back on air, pushing her “Mercure Rétrograde” through the new year, and here with an oblique selection of dark ambient, synth-wave and industrial music.

Agnès Aves is back on air with a new episode of Mercure Rétrograde, digging up undergrounf synth-wave, tribal and industrial music from Psychlones, Further Reductions, Eiger Drums Propaganda, Giant Swans and more.

Agnès Aves is back on the stream with a Halloween special featuring one hour of industrial, electro chants from Bocksrucker, Bene Gesserit, Violeta Dinescu and more.

Listen back to Agnès Aves providing with a new batch of dark, oblique electronics from the underground, featuring John T. Gast, Black Merlin, Hugues Le Bars and more.

Listen to Bucarest Agnès Aves’ latest selection of deep, obscure electronics, going from drone to synth-wave via industrial.

Agnès Avès is back for her Mercure Rétrograde residency, playing experimental, new-wave, confidential synth-wave and electro bangers from Alvin Lucier, Phase Fatale and more.

Listen back to Bucharest’s selector Agnès Aves playing industrial, electro and new-wave bangers from Le Chocolat Noir, Restive Plaggona, Burma Camp and more.

Bucarest’s selector Agnès Avès is back for her monthly Mercure Rétrograde show, delivering an ample range of post-punk, minimal-wave, industrial and electro gems.

Listen back to Bucharest selector Agnès Avès playing fuzzy post-punk, minimal synth-wave and experimentalo-industrial lullabies from Boris Barksdale, Nene Hatun, Brioski and more.

Listen back to Agnès Avès selecting dark electronic records, new and old, from underground Gerechstigkeits Liga to the latest Trenton Chase via Interaccion, Orior and more oblique suprises.

Listen back to Agnès Aves playing dark ambient, heavy electro and more.

Listen back to Romania’s finest selector Agnès Aves and her universal excuse for heavy beats against the ‘natural’ order of movement.

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