Kame HouseBimestrial Thursdays4PM - 5PM

Listen to the Kame House founders and producers delivering new-age, synth-wave, weird electronica and soft, tribal house along their journey to Maison Kame.

Listen back to Kame House’s third installment of “Maison Kame”, this month with a selection focusing on dream-pop, folk and other ethereal singers, featuring tracks from Joanna Newsom, Ora Cogan, Akai Tori and many more..

The German label Kame House is back for another episode of “Maison Kame”, consisting in 60 minutes of various sonic pleasures, subtle constructions, percussions and themes from masters such as Geinoh Yamashirogumi, Philip Glass, Ian Martin, Mkwaju Ensemble and more.

Kame House honchos get back to their bimestrial residency, here with a special episode, focusing on the piano, from its classical uses to the most experimental ones via the Berlin School, new-age movements and more.

We’re glad to introduce Kame House Records to our regular programming with the first episode here of “Kame House”, entitled Vestibule with a selection of Library, Tribal House, Electronica and New-age.

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