Strahinja ArbutinaMonthlyFridays6PM - 7PM

Meet the Low Income $quad through this monthly broadcast, showcasing the crew lead by Strahinja Arbutina, running through their broken house, industrial and electro loves.

Croatia’s Strahinja Arbutina returns to our station with a 30mins mix of hard electronics, and introducing L.I.E.S.’s Collin Strange for the second half.

Low Income $quad’s Strahinja Arbutina gets back to his residency with L.I.E.S.’s M//R as guest for this episode’s first 30 minutes.

Low Income $quad honcho Strahinja Arbutina invites Belgrade-based DJ Stevie Whisper for the first part of this month’s show, while taking care of the second for a smashing session.

Low Income $quad’s Strahinja Arbutina returns to his residency with an intense selection of noisey electronics, industrial techno and experimental records.

Low Income $quad’s Strahinja Arbutina invites Miley Serious for the first part of her residency, and Crème Organization founder DJ TLR for the second, providing with a paced selecta of jungle breaks.

Low Income $quad member Strahinja Arbutina presenting music from the label and favorite tunes of the moment ranging from noise techno, experimental music, blown-out electro and everything weird in-between.

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