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Bobine Vide (Empty Reel) is exploring hidden resonances of contemporary electronics with found sounds, ethnic musics and the voice of contemporary artists (poet, dancer, performer). Animals welcome.

The Carribean Situationist is an exploration of vernacular musics and poetry from Haiti, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbados, taking advantage of two invaluable online resources: Jamaica Musical Passage, with rare examples of 17th century folk music, and Radio Haiti Archives, collecting exceptional shows from the 1970s and 80s. The Carribean Situationist is a personal interpretation of the archipelago’s sound world, an aural travelogue encompassing traditional and modern music styles, spoken word, rhythm loops and electronic processing. The title comes from a 1973 anarchist LP named “None Shall Escape ñ Caribbean Situationist versus Trevor Menroe”, compiling conversations and informations on Carribean workers’ struggles ca. 1966-73.

Jamaica Musical Passage

Radio Haiti Archives

Le collectionneur parisien Laurent Fairon (ex-Continuo Docs) retrouvent nos ondes pour sa bimestrielle “Bobine Vide”, continuant d’explorer les potentiels de musiques contemporaines, expérimentations pionnières, interprétations discrètes et autres aventures électroniques, vocales, poétiques.

Le producteur et collectionneur parisien Laurent Fairon revient pour deux nouvelles heures de divagations sonores, entre musiques expérimentale, avant-gardiste, poétique, métaphorique et radicales.

Écoutez la dernière édition de Bobine Vide avec Laurent Fairon, entre expérimentations électroniques, vocales, folk, avec Balladur, Joan La Barbara, Lica Cecato et plus.

Continuo Docs (R.I.P.) founder, producer and archivist Laurent Fairon is back with the third and final installment of this season’s Bobine Vide (Empty Reel), delivering two hours of complex electronic avant-garde, experimental, dark ambient..

Paris-based collector and producer Laurent Fairon gets back to our station with a new two-hours session of experimental soundscapes collage, featuring contemporary and vintage works.

Listen back to Laurent Fairon playing experimental, avant-garde, spoken-word and more from Martin Janicek, Total Control, Rian Treanor, Coma Berenices, Nalini Malani…

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