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Bisou bisou.

Belec nous présente sa sélection d’une heure des disques trouvés lors de son voyage aux Etats-Unis : dance, dancehall, new beats avec des titres de Holy Jump, Jesse Jende et Will Powers


Belec, en vadrouille aux Etats-Unis, cède le studio à Haydée, duo simplist co-fondateur de l’international cassette label Simple Music Experience.
Egalement à l’origine des groupes Radiante Pourpre et Violent Quand On Aime, Axel Larsen et Prince Scream pour les solo.
En musique post-punk, industrielle, 80’s beats et funk froide pour cette sélection.

On plonge dans une nouvelle saison de Bisou avec Belec, animateur fatal, pour une session spéciale reggae occidental, reggae de blanc, reggae babtou.

Paris based Radial affiliate and glamour DJ Belec is back in the studio for the last show of the season with a special “closing tracks” episode. A bunch of every style and time as long as it inspires him a closing vibe. A proper ending…. to be continued!

This month, we have Belec in the studio for a Radio Quinquin special, joined by his guest Carlos. One hour focusing on tracks from the north of France, via regional hits, edgy disco and countryside vibes.

Belec returns in the studio for a second opus of his “Cheap Exotic” series : this time focusing on Arabic music. New beat, italo, wannabe Arabian tunes, and more weird picks from the man himself.

Belec welcomes Anna aka Mykonos, newcomer from the Bruits de La Passion posse. New beat, zanny beats and obscure grooves. Here with tracks from Fernanda Abreu, Crossover, and more…

Listen back to Belec’s cheap exotism selection, going through anything European but Asian-Infused… This show features music from The Pilotwings, Roland Bocquet, Lost Gringos, and more.

Belec’s Bisou going slow with a strictly silly cover versions of popular hits from eurodance to emotionnal pop.

Belgium special this month! Belec going through his best Belgian tunes, oddball, weird jams and new beat!

Crazy music head Belec around the dog friendly theme: woof tracks only for this episode! Woof Woof let the dogs out!

Bisou’s Belec welcomes special guest PAM from Okonkole Y Trompa and his friend David Lynch for an hour in the twilight zone with old fm jingles and tracks by Big Shaq, The Antennas, Omerta, Kraftwerk…

Bisou bisou on a slow mo crusade playing new beat, house and boogie pitched down to 33rpm+8 with tracks from Sammy Barbot, JTC, Carlos Peron, Sly & Robbie.

Bisou bisou, starting with music from Besombes and Rizet (Gonzai records), Bataille Solaire (Mind), Torch Song, Philippe laurent (Serendip), and more…

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