eo eintuMonthlyFridays4PM - 5PM

Besoins Premiers label founder -eo eintu- presents his monthly selection, from industrial to ambient, trap, and own productions.

join eo for the last show of the season, through a poetic selection of industrial, destructed, melancholic music from Kim Fowley, Sven Undseth and more.

Join eo eintu for his monthly show. Soft musics on the stream for the next hour, melancholic atmosphere through Philippe Doray, Bing Selfish and Echo Romeo.

Here is besoins premier’s monthly show. Join leo for a swim in a soft and mesmerizing selection. Composed of artists from the 80’s, with Genesis p orridge or Chris & Cosey.

Stream back eo eintu’s and his guest aruisaa playing 80’s music from Germany to far east Europa. A selection mainly influenced by Jugoton label.

Listen back to eo eintu’s show premiere, featuring spiritual ambient, experimental music and trap, with tracks from Mick Karn, Laurent Fairon and View.

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