DIE or D.I.Y.?3PM - 4PM

Always deeper into DIE or D.I.Y.? blog archivist Zchivago, through punk and industrial genres. VIC REEVES - I Remember Punk Rock THE ALAN MILMAN SECT - Punk Rock Xmas SHELLAC - Prayer To God THE ACCIDENT - Kill The Bee-Gees ALBERTOS Y LOS TRIOS PARANOIAS - Kill THE ALAN MILMAN SECT - I Wanna Kill Somebody NAZI DEATH CAMP - The President Is Dead IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER - Too Late SHITLICKERS - Armed Revolution THE VICTIMS - Perth Is A Culture Shock POISON IDEA - Think Twice THE SS - Blitzkrieg Bop THE MAD - I Hate Music REVENGE - Our Generation THE MENTALLY ILL - Tumor Boy FLIPPER - Ha Ha Ha THE BLEACH BOYS - Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches BIKINI KILL - New Radio PUSSY GALORE - Spin Out MARY MONDAY AND THE BITCHES - I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie BILLY CHILDISH AND ARMATAGE SHANKS - Shirts Off! PURE HELL - I Feel Bad THE TESTORS - Voltaire WIRE - 12XU SPERMBIRDS - 12XU MINOR THREAT - 12XU BURT - 12XU THE GOODIES - Father Christmas Do No NAPALM DEATH - You Suffer

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