DIE or D.I.Y.?3PM - 4PM

DIE or D.I.Y.? blog founder and compulsive collectionneur Zchivago delivers bits of his infinite collection of underground cassettes and records of punk, noise, experimental and wave. GARY NUMAN - Trois Gymnopedies GEN KEN MONTGOMERY - Electric-Tronic Music CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE - Jump Over Barrels KITCHEN AND THE PLASTIC SPOONS - Happy Funeral DAF - Kebabtraume AUSGANG VERBOTEN - Consumer LES YEUX INTERDIT - Prison UNOVIDUAL & TARA CROSS - Like I am/Comme Je Suis ANOTHER VIEW - She Goes To Your Heart UND PILOTEN - Unsturz PTOSE - Boule (Viens Ici!) TONE SET - Out!Out! ROTER STERN BELGRAD - Wegwerfliebling GEN KEN MONTGOMERY - Rest NINE CIRCLES - Twinkling Stars SUICIDE - Frankie Teardrop TONE SET - Close

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