Die or D.I.Y.?3PM - 4PM

DIE or D.I.Y.? blog founder and compulsive collectionneur Zchivago delivers bits of his infinite collection of underground cassettes and records of punk, noise, experimental and wave. PHILIP JOHNSON - I ve Been BUSINESS LUNCH - Can You Take Stuff? AUNTIE PUS - Marmalade Freak THE ANEMIC BOYFRIENDS - Fake ID INFLATABLE BOY CLAMS - I m Sorry TEENSY WEENSY OPERATOR - The Puppy Song THE DOOR & THE WINDOW - We Do Scare Each Other ANOREXIA - Rapist In The Park LEMON KITTENS - Small Mercies JOHNNY MOPED - Darling, Lets Have Another Baby VITAL DISORDERS - Prams THREE DAY STUBBLE - Taking Care THE RESIDENTS - Blue Rosebuds BENE GESSERIT - Pravda DON BARTNIK - Der Neue Messias BIMBO BAND - Warteraum der Zukunft DEVO - Smart Patrol (Original Version) PRUTSERES - Nice n Sleazy ..& THE NATIVES HIPSTERS - There Goes Conchord Again THE COOL GREENHOUSE - Dirty Glasses

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