Whodamanny6PM - 8PM

Early Sounds Recordings and Periodica Records core member Whodamanny try to channel his loaded and twisted mind. Probably the funniest show you'll ever hear. BEST COMPANY CREW 30 MINUTES: UMBERTO - Boston NURSE WITH WOUND - Two Golden Microphones RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT - They Found This Stone Was Too Hard To Break Up So They Put It On a Truck MONOMORPH - Particlexia MOON WIRING CLUB - Tricky Transmission BOP - Cellar’s Theory JIM O'ROURKE - Let’s Take Again From The Top 291 OUT - Fluxus AUTECHRE - Nine TUXEDOMOON - (Special Treatment For The) Family Man BOP - Il Sogno Di Mila (No Bass Version) BOP SINGPLAYER - Radio Dusty Van WHODAMANNY 50 MINUTES: VISCARDI - Il Ponte e La Tovaglia DB SOURCE - Anapo TOMMY AWARDS - Mike Sierra Foxtrot The Mystic Jungle Tribe - Pandora's Dream (Oceanic Version) THE NORMALMEN - The Liquid Side of Plants MODULA - Notturno (A Musical Journey) MINIMAL AFRIKA - Capasa (Whodamanny "Controspazio" Version) LAMUSA II - Agua Planet VISCARDI - La Scogliera degli Amanti RICCARDO SCHIRO - Vivavoce PIYOJO 40 MINUTES: LOTO RETINA - Forme 5 feat. Frere Tuck LIVE RECORDING PIYOJO + NV MUSIQUE CHIENNE - Cocktail de Voix PHOCHOS - Nivôse MATEIS E. AGIR EVER FRUIT (tape) LAMELLEN - 7kwartsding (Upcoming) WERKVERKEER - werkritme III PIYOJO - E (track from upcomming tape on stenze quo) ? ZACHTE MAN - Tacet

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