Topless Records3PM - 4PM

The Paris-based collective back in our studio to deliver some percussive tracks, edgy house, dark electronics and more. CLIFF MARTINEZ - Chang and sword SANSY SAMUEL - I Like Sado Music CELINE GILLAIN - I Can’t Connect ANNO STAMM - A Triangular Patch of Lip CALIMEX MENTAL IMPLANT CORP. - Ethiopian Ski Dream MAMA BUBO - Skoncis Jako Ja NIHILOXICA - Endongo TAPAN - Europa BLACKMOON77 - Lo-fi Mayhem J:KENZO - Without KANO - Another Life WHODAMANNY - Miranda Cryovolcanoes CHRIS KORDA AND THE CHURCH OF EUTHANASIA - Victim of Leisure JONNY 5 - Last Train JEAN MICHEL GAËSCUEL - Dominus

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