Entr'acte4PM - 5PM

A special broadcast from Entr'acte boss celebrating iDEAL Recordings' 20 years anniversary. JOACHIM NORDWALL & GABI LOSONSY - Limited Hangout SEWER ELECTION - Med morgonen kommer regnet SEWER ELECTION - Vi vistas mellan världarna JASSS - Cotton for Lunch WITCHMAN - Bone Music JOHN DUNCAN - Mantra/Ursonate JOACHIM NORDWALL & OHN DUNCAN - Nonstop Thirst VINDICATRIX - Body 2 Let JASSS - ​Instantaneous ​Transmission of ​Information ​JAOCHIM NORDWALL & COPPICE - Untitled EURYTHMICS - Everything Fades into Mist ​(from the unused score for 1984)

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