DIE or D.I.Y.?6PM - 8PM

If you're into wave, industrial, punk or experimental music then you should know one of the genres' richest internet collection that is the DIE or D.I.Y.? blog. If you don't, this first episode will suck you in irreversibly. MILK FROM CHELTENHAM - Mr Freeze (DJ speaks) DANNY & THE DRESSMAKERS - (Don't make another Bass Guitar) Mr Rickenbacker MARK PERRY - You Cry Your Tears THE DOOR AND THE WINDOW - Detailed Twang THE EVENINGS OUT - Channel THE FALL - Industrial Estate (DJ speaks) DOOF - Treat Me Like The man I Am THE COLLECTIVE HORIZONTAL - Beach Coma RIRE TO LAUGH - Another Shade in The Sky BATHROOM RENOVATIONS - Intensely Henna-ed FROM CHORLEY - Tablecloth (DJ speaks) KEINE NAMEN - Can I Have A Light? (Part 1) THE 012 - Fish From Tahiti THE BOTS - I'm Gay THE ACCUSED - Generation Gap (DJ speaks) CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE - Cardboard Lamb BLAH BLAH BLAH - In The Army SUISSE - Artificial Heart MACHINES AT LAST - Artificial Heart 5XOD - Computer Bank (DJ speaks) THE PRATS - Poxy Pop Groups SCHIZOID - Whitehouse EXHIBIT A - Platform 6 THE CZECHS - Suffocation SOLID SPACE - The Tenth Planet (DJ Speaks) NOH MERCY - Caucasian Guilt THE PETTICOATS - Normal LEMON KITTENS - Throat Violence THE RAYZORS - Drugs Kill TEENAGE JESUS AND THE JERKS - Baby Doll (DJ speaks) GUS COMA - Lemonade and Beer MILK FROM CHELTENHAM - Snappy Fingers AMOS AND SARA - Sexy Terrorist AMOS AND CREW - Training The Pets THE HOMOSEXUALS - My Night Out (DJ speaks) GORILLA AKTIV - Spiegelbild DIE TODLICH DORIS – Haare Im Mind FRAU SIEBENROCK COMBO - A La Discotheque EINWEGEXISTENZ - Step Your feet LEBEN UND ARBEITEN - Kein Auge Mehr (DJ speaks) MINOY - Plain Wrap Purgatory (DJ's last words) THE INSTANT AUTOMATONS - People Laugh At Me (Coz I Like Weird Music)

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