Gyeongsu & Agnès Avès4PM - 6PM

Paris collective and Zone Disco Autonome promoters Bruits De La Passion around wave, zouk, disco and other dance music genres. Gyeongsu for the first hour, here with tracks from EP-4, Shimizu, A.C Marias — followed by a stunning guest mix by Romanian DJ Agnès Aves, a few weeks before joining the team on Zone Disco Autonome's festival in early June. Tracklist 2nd Hour - Agnès Avès Conrad Schnitzler - Zug mixed w/ Christina Kubisch - Ocigam Trazom Pye Corner Audio - Lost Ways Takehisa Kosugi - Mano-Dharma '74 Belinda Subraman & Ken Clinger - The Edge Of Silence Pye Corner Audio - Prowler Bruit Noir - Joy Division Wattfraß - Ropotulja Cabaret Voltaire - Seconds Too Late Chris Carter - Sublev Dina Gad - Crack The Whip Fingers Inc. - Mystery of Love (Original Basement Mix) Liquid Asset - Ootheca Chrystalline Kopfschmerztablette - Danerwelle Faust'o - Exhibition of Love (Ferrari Mad Love Mix) Conspiracy International - Conquest Pye Corner Audio - Verberation Lab mixed w/ Ryoji Ikeda - Forest Of Memories Vladislav Delay Quartet - Louhos

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