Sur Le Réseau

14/07/2017 • 3PM - 4PM

with Douster

Lyon-based producer Hugo Passaquin aka Douster or King Doudou going through his personal collection and the web’s infinite network to dig out the heaviest material and tells us stories about local electronic music scenes , from baile funk to contemporary trap and beyond… the rhythm is his realm.

Poison Gas Riddim
Shine Riddim
Final Warning Riddim
Air Waves Riddim
Sweat Riddim
Chiney Gal Riddim
Badda Badda Riddim
Showtime Riddim
Gully Slime Riddim
Bug Riddim
Toppatop RIddim
Sledge Riddim
Tha Mission Riddim
Self Defense Riddim
Unfinished Buisness Riddim
Fire Wire Riddim
Fiesta Riddim
Look Gal Riddim
Volume Riddim
Energy Riddim
Electric Boogie Riddim
Giggy Riddim
Black Widow Riddim
Pepperseed Riddim
Wild 2 Nite Riddim
Show Off Riddim
Stimulant Riddim
Playground Riddim
New Ride Riddim
Bullet Riddim
Gangst Rock Riddim
Martial Arts Riddim
Bee Hive Riddim
Unda Wata Riddim
Liquid Riddim
Mad Ants Riddim
Juice Riddim
Clearance Riddim
Savage Riddim
Dirty Money Riddim
Bookshelf Riddim
Gaza Riddim
Salsa Riddim
Diwali Riddim
Buzz Riddim
Egyptian Riddim
Dutchie Pot Riddim
Limbo Riddim
Day Rave Riddim
Mad Guitar Riddim
Scoobay Riddim
Tunda Clap Riddim
Black Out Riddim
20 Cent Riddim
Swagga Dagga Riddim
Siren Riddim
Coolie Dance Riddim
Startime Riddim
Drumline Riddim

Sur Le Réseau

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