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18/12/2018 • 1PM - 2PM

with Lastrack

HAJJ invite le producteur lyonnais Lastrack pour cette édition de Souffrance FM; un épisode spécial, intitulé « Ça Part » mêlant extraits de séries TV, dialogues, OSTs ré-éditées et autres enchevêtrements impromptus. 

Different pieces of music, dialogues and OST, sometimes edited, put together as one structure, narrating the shifting in trajectories that one will encounter throughout the fabric of her / his existence. The main sentences have been transcribed below for better understanding. 

SERIAL LAIN EXPERIMENT EPISODE 4  –  I don’t need no parents. All human beings are alone. They’re absolutely not connected to anybody.

STALKER – They fear it like the plague: Fear what ?

SAMPLE – Religion: Layer 04 

ALL YOU CAN EAT BUDDHA – Thank You, human. From the bottom of my soul, thank you. Creature both strange, and limited. Your destiny is linked to mine. May your voice, be heard.  May your gaze captivate. May your heart discover reason. May your mind be moved. May your manhood rise.

THE BALLAD OF GENESIS P ORRIDGE & LADY JAYE – “Well you know how it is, you fall madly in love with somebody, hopefully, at least once in you life. And, there’s this moment when you just want to, consume each other, you’re like « Oh god ! I just wan to eat you up ! I just want to take you and swallow you up. And you and me to be just one fabulous moment of being in love and, not be individuals anymore” 

SICK – The Life And Death of Bob Flanagan : Death never bothered me really you know, I mean, there’ll be days where I will always thinking about it, and then you know I can go on and on and never think about it. But despite everybody says, I know it’s gonna come. We know  can die in a car accident, but you don’t think about it every day. You know like, this is my life, this will kill me eventually, and I know that ! People think it’s morbid but, I deal with it, it’s no big deal to me, it doesn’t depress me. That’s what I’m here for, hear you know, I live to show people what’s going on and then, showing them that my life is about death, I guess. And I guess to reverse that, that my death will be about life as well, because, of how I’m dying. »

THE BALLAD OF GENESIS P ORRIDGE & LADY JAYE – The minute we woke up, we knew something was really, really weird. Then we got up, walk through, we found her collapsed  in the bathroom as it was the same that before. Only this time, we could get her back. We were trying to do CPR, and she actually breathed are last breath into my mouth.

SAMPLE – You look different

THE LEFTOVERS – The Book Of Nora : I was in a parking lot, naked, curled up like a baby. It was cold so I started to walk, I walked by empty houses, abandoned buildings. I walked long enough to convince myself that I was the only thing alive in that place. And then night came, and I saw lights so I went to them. It was a house, there was a man and a women there. They were kind, and they told me. The man told me that, seven years earlier he was in a supermarket, and every single person disappeared, except for him. And, the women told me that she lost her husband, her three daughters and all eight of her grandchildren. 
That’s when I understood : Over here, we lost some of them. But over there, they lost all of us. 

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