Radio PRR! PRR!

21/12/2017 • 5PM - 6PM

with DJ David Goblin

The Goblin Show returns to celebrate Christmas: rampage with PRR! PRR! activist DJ David Goblin.

DJ David Goblin – LYL Jingle (Goblinized 3)
DJ David Goblin – Santa’s Goblins’ party INTRO
Richard Gore – Merry Fuckin Xmas (Goblinized)
Ben Suff Donk – Bass Sample Pack
DJ Pizzaboy – gET tHRu tHIs
Babe – What’s your name again?
Santa – Claus
Dj Save the NHS – Screaming Song
Nick Skitz – Where are you? (from Skitzmix 7)
AN System – Torture (Julien Remix)
DJ David Goblin – LYL Jingle (Goblinized 4 w/ Michael Bublé)
DJ David Goblin – Santa Claus eaten by dog DOUBLE INTRO
GORE — TRAX – When I accidentally blister my pinkie on the 425 degree quesadilla iron at work
Gizmo – Singing
Izzamon and Howerfull – Once upon a time
Babe – What’s your name again?
Santa – Claus
Spinee – Man Eaten By Dog (Goblinized)
Cärte Blûe – royal club 7.0 (Goblinized)
Nick Skitz – God created the club (from Skitzmix 7) (Goblinized)
DJ Warlord – Never Ending War (Goblinized)
Slim Sinna – Virgin Gurl (Goblinized)
Big Dope P – Presidential Pimpin (Goblinized)
Slim Sinna – Jerry Springah Riddem (Goblinized)
FKOFF1963 – RAVEWAVE (Goblinized)
DesTrucTek – Petit Agité (Goblinized)
??? – From Elekid’s iCore mix (Goblinized)
Santa Claus – Hmm hm, Merry Christmassss!
DJ David Goblin – LYL Jingle (Goblinized 5)
B-Ball Joints – Blue Boy Battle Skit (Goblinized)
Nmesh – Globalist Suite (Goblinized)
Santa Claus – Merry Christmas to you all!
Crazy Varshu – Hexxus Recordz – The Haunted Mansion (Goblinized)
Crazy Varshu – Hexxus57 (Goblinized)
DJ Big Mac – Degrees Of Robbery (Goblinized)
Acc-Ess – Bass Boys (Fire & Ice And Mr.Peña Mashup) (Goblinized)
Weasel Buster vs Ndendeki – From Back from JPN tecknival (Goblinized)
Tri Pax – What The Fuck Are You Laughing At (Goblinized)
DJ MC David Goblin – TaLAlatatatoTAta…
DJ David Goblin – Santa Claus? Interlude
Edwin Triumph – The Song That Never Ends (Goblinized)

Radio PRR! PRR!

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