DJ P.8PM - 10PM

Turntableast Crew's DJ P back in the studio for two hours of 80's-90's hip-hop pleasures, and a special focus on Mobb Deep's Prodigy.. VITAL - Once Again AWON - Have Mercy ILL CONSCIOUS - Represent To The Fulliest (Remix) L. STACKIN’ - Grands (FEAT. K-MACK) JAZZ DIALOGUE - Kulturmikroskopie KEV BROWN - Alone Again LAST JAZZ CLUB - Nuthin' But A... (Feat. Dialate) AUDESSEY & A CAT CALLED FRITZ - My Mic & Me AVERAGE RAP BAND - What It Is KENNY KEYS - Ahmad Jama Y'All (4 Pete Rock) MZ BOOM BAP - Jutsu (Feat. Ryler Smith) MELANIN 9 - Amulets VITAL - Shooting LEWIS PARKER, T.R.A.C. & JOHN ROBINSON - Tit-Tac-Toe (3-In-1-Row-Remix) RIFT VALLEY - Tropic Of Cancer GEORGE FIELDS - Feel Like That (Feat. Glad2mecha & Realistic) DJ SPINNA - Fazer MORRIARCHI - Canary (Feat. Black Josh & Stinkin Slumrok) THE DOPPELGANGAZ - Sun Shine FREDFADES & IVAN AVE - Breathe (Two) KIDS OF THE STONED AGE - Cypher (Instr.) SINKS - Strong GOOMAR - Vilsee BANKAI FAM - Remeniss SHABAAM SAHDEEQ - Seasons Change PRODIGY (OF MOBB DEEP) TRIBUTE MOBB DEEP - Drink Away The Pain (Situation) (Feat. Q-Tip) MOBB DEEP - Rare Species (Modus Operandi) BIG NOYD - Recongnize & Realize (Part 2) (Feat. Mobb Deep) WILLIE HUTCH - Hospital Prelude Of Love Theme MOBB DEEP - Still Shinin' MOBB DEEP - Nightmare Vultures (Feat. Reakwon) MOBB DEEP - Survival Of The Fittest (Instru) BIG PUN - Tres Leches (Triboro Trilogy) (Feat. Prodigy & Rebel Ins) TONY TOUCH - Basics (Feat. Prodigy) PRODIGY - Power Rap PRODIGY - Three CORMEGA - Thun & Kicko (Feat. Prodigy) MOBB DEEP - Hell On Earth MOBB DEEP - Shook Ones, Part 1 MOBB DEEP - Trife Life MOBB DEEP - Apostle's Warning PRODIGY - Keep It Thorow MOBB DEEP - Right Back At You MOBB DEEP - G.O.D. PT. III MOBB DEEP - Shook Ones, Part II DELT w/ The Bullshit (Feat. Havoc)

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