Musique Impossible

22/02/2018 • 1PM - 2PM

with Sainte-Rita

Dj Sainte Rita explores Disco cut-offs – somewhere between Miami electro, high energy, and midinettes’ fantasies…

THE COVER GIRLS – Show Me (Heartthrob mix)
GIGGLES – Love Letter (Dub)
SAFIRE – Love is on her mind (dub)
SASSA – When the time is right
SHANNON – give me tonight (dub)
PRETTY POISON – catch me i’m fallin (dub)
SAFIRE – Boy I’ve been told (latin rascals dub)
THE COVER GIRLS – Because of You (dub)
NANCY MARTINEZ – For Tonight (Sizzle mix)
SOAVE – cryning over you (dub)
CYRÉ – last chance (dub)
PAJAMA PARTY – Over and over (chep’s over and over dub)
SHAVONNE – So tell me
VERTIGO – Step into my world
RAWW – Don’t you try it (dub)
SWEAT SENSATION – hooked on you (diamond dub version)
DINO – Nighttime lovekind (club mix)
MONET – Give in to me (dub)
SHANNON – Do you wanna get away (dub)
HALL & OATES – Out of touch (dub)
SEDUCATION – True Love (dub)

Musique Impossible

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