À Mon Score Défendant

27/06/2017 • 3PM - 4PM

with Max Duplan

Max Duplan’s monthly show on soundtracks and original scores produced for cinema or television, from golden classics to contemporary experimental to giallo, sound effects, weird library exploration and more…

MIKA VAINIO – Öisin pidän magneetteja vatsallani in Mannerlatta
TEDDY LASRY – Birds of Space in Libray
SOLVENT – ModDub in I Dream Of Wires
JAY CHATTAWAY – Maniac Theme in Maniac
STEVE NOLAN – The Dance in Sodium Party
DAVID LYNCH – Eraserheade montage in Eraserhead
BIOSPHERE – Ride in Insomnia
BERTO PISANO & ROMOLO GRANO – Tema di Silvia / Tema di Katerine in Ho Incontrato Una Hombra
DEAD CAN DANCE – The Host Of Seraphim in Baraka
DAVID BOWIE – As The World Falls Down in Labyrinth
CARL STALLING – Warner Bros montage in Cartoons in the 40’s
JIM O’ROURKE – part. II in The Creeping Garden

À Mon Score Défendant

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