Vincent Glandier7PM - 8PM

Parisian-based digger Vincent Glandier delivers an ample oscillation between dark ambient, contemporary noise and electro. LOVE THEME - Desert Exile DEATH KNEEL - To Break A body DEMDIKE STARE - Cosmogony A NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS - Fat Slimey Parasites SEWN LEATHER - ? VIRGIN - D.T.P.O.M.M. PENELOPE'S FIANCE - Η άλλη όψη του νομίσματος CORPORATE PARK - Fade out lorena MORTAL FEAR - Windowpane HARSH NAYYAR - Untitled MILITARY POSITION - Poor Fools NEGATION - Idea ... Body HARAAM - Spreading the body CRAOW - Squares block & dead end streets ALLEYPISSER - Sonate For A.

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