E-Care2PM - 3PM

E-care is back for a new show focused on this Belgian special scene : NEW BEAT. Tracklist : A SPLIT SECOND ‎– Flesh ZSA ZSA BOUM ‎– Something Scary BAZZ ‎– The Drop Deal 101 ‎– Saigon Nightmare SPEED EMPERORS ‎– Lose Control And Do The Stomp LORDS OF ACID ‎– I Sit On Acid THE MACKENZIE ‎– Party People EDWARDS & ARMANI ‎– Acid Drill PLAZA ‎– Yo-Yo (Ten Years Ago) THE PROJETS‎– Do That Dance AGE OF LOVE ‎– The Age Of Love M.N.O. ‎– God Of Abraham QUADROPHONIA ‎– Quadrophonia MIRO ‎– Energy

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