Joachim Nordwall8PM - 9PM

One hour monthly with label founder and experimental producer Joachim Nordwall, delivering records oscillating from noise to field recordings through his network of artists. VANLIGT FOLK - KOSTYMFEST (upcoming iDEAL) F1K - PROSE B2 EVIL MOISTURE (unreleased) NADINE BYRNE - HOW PURE AARON DILLOWAY & JOACHIM NORDWALL (From unmixed and unreleased studio session 2017) RM - PER NATURA LIBERO (upcoming on iDEAL) SIAVASH AMINI & MATT FINNEY - YOUTH (Forthcoming iDEAL) JOACHIM NORDWALL - ACID RITUAL CHRISTINE ÖDLUND - MAGNETOSPHERE JH1.FS3 - STEALING WATER IN A DROUGHT JAY GLASS DUBS VS GUERILLA TOSS - STRING DUB

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