Maïssa5PM - 6PM

SIDA's Maïssa going through her extensive musical culture, from punk to rocksteady with experimental music and underground hip-hop... ROXY MUSIC - Out Of Blue ARMAND SCHOEBROECK - King Of The Streets PERE UBU - Real World RHYS CHATHAM - The Out Of Tune Guitar n°2 ELECTRICNI ORGAZAM - Nebo TELEVISION PERSONALITIES - Brian's Magic Car BLACK MOON - Who Got Da Props NINA SIMONE - Baltimore DA FUNK - LIFESTYLE GULDEN KARABOCEK - Nem Kaldi FUN TOGAWA - Teinen Pushinger ? - Interlude Croate CHRIS MARKER - Blue Hotel SERGE GAINSBOURG - Monsieur William ORONZO DE FILIPPI - Industria Metallurgica BING SELFISH - Selfish World ADRIANO CELENTANO - 24 Mila Baci

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