Maïssa4PM - 5PM

Theoreme Maïssa's cross-over monthly hour filled with her eclectic influences, from dub to rap, through synth-pop, afrobeat... ZOVIET FRANCE - Dybbuk SPK - Contact FIFTY FOOT HOSE - Cauldron FIFTY FOOT HOSE - If Not This Time JOCY DE OLIVEIRA - Wave Song Para Piano & Fita LUBOS FISER - Magic Yard BROADCAST - Hammer Without a Master LENA PLATONOS - Shadows Of Bloog JOUEUR DE CLOCHES RUSSE SWELLS MAPS - Collision With a Frogman PARADJANOV - Les Chevaux de Feu THE FALL - Before The Moon Falls EXTRAIT DE VALERIE THE FALL - Stepping Out (Live) BROADCAST - Living Room MARS - Living Room ROBERT TURMAN - ?

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