Woudkol Padique4PM - 6PM

Yound Padique, ephemere label holder and experimental promoter, going through his collection of noise, lo-fi and experimental records to build complex soundscapes. Dol Padii 12 CLOUD BECOME YOUR HAND - Rootabaga Pigeons GRAFFITTI ISLAND - Wolf Guy TRANSPORT - Werden DOKUTORAMO - Transit RED KRAYOLA - Transparent Radiation HORSE LORDS - extrait de Remember the Future - Mixtape IV face B PACO SALA - Trooper RONAN RIOU & MARION MOLLE - Extrait Du Voyage Avec Jean Marie THE COURTNEYS - Silver Velvet MYSTIC JUNGLE TRIBE - Dying of the Light YANNICK DAUBY / KALERNE - 170415 Suogang 鎖港 Recording-Snorkeling Lu Jiachi guest mix : 西門與湯姆 - You Say I Have No Culture 包曉娟 - Untitled Naaahhh - Neck Devour 落差草原 WWWW/Prairie WWWW - 月亮 Moon 胡美紅 - 三聲無奈 AMI SHAVIT - Alpha 6 LUJIACHI - Drums Part 1 SAROW - Feel Again MEUKO! MEUKO! - About time 伍佰 & China Blue - 怨嗟嘆 破地獄 SCATTERED PURGATORY - 黯淡的月 - Dim Moon (Ngô͘ Chìn-hoâi cover) YANNICK DAUBY - 170416 黑鐘螺 Tegula argyrostoma MACIEK SIEKENWICZ - W LOÏC LACHAIZE - Necrophonic Waves (extrait) MILI - Digest DEATH IN JUNE - To Drown a Rose CALVIN JOHNSON - Get In (en concert dans un hangar à la périphérie de Lyon) LE MÉCHANT - Décines Grand Fun ARIEL PINK WITH ADDED PIZZAZZ - In the Heat of the Night

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