Woudkol Padique4PM - 6PM

Young Padique presents experimental artists and innovative initiatives from Iran to Lyon, from festivals to releases, through special recordings and his own collection. NFANTS DE LA NOVIÀ - En Concert Juin 2017 BOUCLE WFMU VIKTOR KNUD - Images 1C SPACE LADY - Synthetize Me DIRTY BEACHES - Street Beat Dub TRIPPING DAISY - Top Off Our Heads CHAIN & THE GANG - Cry, Cry, Cry IKONIKA - Love Games SIMON FRANK - To Tell The Truth APULATI BIEN - Epoc NINA HARKER - Crespusculo DEATH IN JUNE - This Is Not Paradise CAM DEAS - I LACROUX, SAUVAGE & SAUVAGE - Deux Déserts (Partie I) LOVE THEME - Late Crossing CHAUSSE TRAPPE - 420 M5 (Extrait) COOLRUNNINGS - Fort Kid SERGE BULOT - ECHOS E.A.R - All Things Being Equal TONY CONRAD - Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain

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