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Listen back to Muk's second installment of her Canary Girl Island show.. ROUGE MÉCANIQUE - Ampedusa Xaver LAUGHING HANDS - Seven GASNEHYDE - Lapislazuli COIL - The Anal Staircase (Dionysian Mix) EMIL STRUNS - Bubastis CLAUDE DE TAPOL - C'est L'Attaque MECANICA POPULAR - Plenilunio THE TAPES - Il Tempio KATE BUSH - The Dreaming ENYA - Fairytale (Palestep Edit) CARLOS PERON - Her Head Is Breaking Intu Floor (Kevin Miximix) NOVOLINE - Melpomenean Dyad POLISARIO - Unknown SEVERED HEADS - The Ant Can See Legs (Exclusive Mix) Excerpt from the movie "The Boy That Nobody Wanted"

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