Shelter Press4PM - 6PM

Editor and record label Shelter Press monthly review of avant-garde, contemporary and experimental fields, here with the followings tracks: CHRISTIAN CLOZIER — Quasars – 3e Mouvement DANE RUDHYAR — Three Paeans NO UFO’S — Anthropomorphic Cloud Of Smoke SMURPHY — #R OV J VANESSA AMARA — 03-03-2016 ANGELO HARMSWORTH — Fever II THEODORE SCHAFER — Two EVAN CAMINITI — Toxic Tape (Love Canal) PIT PICCINELLI, FRED GALES, WALTER MAIOLI — Amazonia 6891Part 2 (edit) VISIBLE CLOAKS — Neume (w/ Matt Carlson) EXPRESSWAY YO-YO DIETING‎ – Bubblethug #4 AARON DILLOWAY — Songs About Jason (B) DANIELE CIULLINI — Bloody Machine NHK — Ch.8 NAAAHHH — My Theme SHINOBU — Earth D/P/I — Semantics MICHAEL SIEGEL — Coffee Break

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