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Editor and record label Shelter Press monthly review of avant-garde, contemporary and experimental fields, here with the followings tracks: FELICIA ATKINSON — Visnaga (Saguaro Edit) ROBERTO CACCIAPAGLIA — Gongs MCCLOUD ZICMUSE — ND Stuffed Leavs ANDRE STORDEUR — Tablas JEFF WITSCHER — Ok, American Medium PARADON’T — Chuwangk Kyuh Hay (thrd mpct) LUKA PRODUCTIONS — Terriya UNKNOWN ME — Traffic (Taipei) JOAN LA BARBARA — Circular Song KTL — Study E STEPHAN MATHIEU — Marguerite JOACHIM NORDWALL — Great Mind Of Fire MICHELE MERCURE — 100% Briadal Illusion N1L — Fugu PATIÑO — Strategies On Self-Promotion And Autoreferentiality (Excerpt) FLORIS VANHOOF — Talking Gongs (Excerpt) DAVID LAMELAS — Reading Film from ‘‘Knots’’ by R.D. Laing’ (Excerpt) TWIG HARPER — Untitled 1 (Excerpt) VOM GRILL — Side A (Excerpt) ELI KESZLER — No Iodine, No Breeze

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