Morah2PM - 3PM

June Records' monthly show, here with a guest mix from Morah, who has a few releases under his belt on labels such as: Lux Rec, Brokntoys, Return to Disorder and Berceuse Heroique. Morah organizes the Phormix parties in Greece, and is one of the main stalwarts of the Greek underground scene today. A true head, who delivers a fuck all attitude in his lifestyle and productions. LENA PLATONOS - Cyaniris End Of A World - EDDIE WARNER - End Of A World BENE GESSERIT - Enfants Des Rues GENEVIEVE PASQUIER - Emmene Moi THE GRIEF - Oncle Deglingue Au Connecticut DELIA DERBYSHIRE - Falling TANGERINE DREAM - Phaedra MANIE SANS D√ČLIRE - Raescitum CLOCK DVA - NYC Overload THE DADA COMPTUER - Construct Z-45 SPECTRUM & SILVER APPLES -S treams Of Sorrow DE BONS EN PIERRES - Whole Body Irradiator GROUP A - Sioux DNA - You And You ? EXECUTIVE SLACKS - Sexual Witchcraft JASSS - Mother GEISTERFAHRER - Unschuld

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