June & Trenton Chase8PM - 9PM

June Records founders Trenton Chase & June and friends from Greece, Germany and beyond on a monthly residency to showcase their bleak, industrial and acid aspirations... MARTIAL CANTEREL - Lost at Sea TANGERINE DREAM - Final Statement XENO & OAKLAND - Movements II PSYCHE - Vampire FRANK ALPINE - Paper thin Walls NACHT'RAUM - Ende TANGERINE DREAM - Dr. Destructo Myths of seduction and Betrayal (Excerpt) BEAU WANZER - Tape Curses SSPS - Sun on the Horizon JUNE - Cabaret Du Neant SKINNY PUPPY - One Time One Place ULTRAVOX - Alles Klar CERAMIC HELLO - Sampling the Blast Furnace EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS - Anesthetic

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