LYL has built a cultural project that has elected music as its main ethic, or paradigm. We aim to suggest a global comprehension of the world and its cultures, through the promotion and exploration of sound. The webradio has been created for this purpose and gathers activists, specialists, geeks, weirdos and amateurs, who continue to expand the scope of our project.

LYL has been operating in Lyon since 2015 from Les Ateliers SUMO, and has opened a second outlet in Paris in November 2016. It thus presents live shows (over 120 regular shows as well as one-offs, called “Conciliabules” with guests) from both cities, and is also broadcasting recorded shows provided by various entities, persons and labels from all around the world.

Right now, the webradio is streaming live programs from Tuesdays to Saturdays 12AM—11PM (French clock), on Mondays with a selecta of the crew’s favs show of the week before, and beyond this schedule on special occasions.

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